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Bread with animal designs

All of our bread is baked fresh daily.
Bread comes with many different designs to choose from. The designed is created by using caramel for natural coloring for the animal and chocolate for the outline.

The bread is designed on the spot in front of you.



Are you tired and restless? Eat one of the donuts and you will be full of energy! Beware! Suger rush incoming.
Our Donuts are made fresh daily with chocolate filling from Royce.
Why Royce? Royce is one of the most reputable chocolate retailers in the world. This will ensure that we provide you with the highest quailty chocolates.


Brown Bread

Sprinkled over a chewy roll, the Himalayan pink salt leaves no salty aftertaste, but joy in every bite.


Vegetable sandwich

Need a quick juicy bite? Get our signature sandwich.
Crunchy and bursts of flavors in one bite


Gluten free bread

Especially created for people with allergy but loves bread.
Comes with the option to add gluten-free toppings!


Whole grain bread

Healthy Choice. Why not?
All of our bread is 100% organic and handmade. Using high-quality ingredients from Japan, this bread is created for the elderly as it is rich in vital nutrients like fiber, protein and B vitamins.

Studies have linked to decreased risks for many chronic health conditions.



Hand made churros, baked not fried.
While maintaining the crispy texture, Stop holding yourself back as it is baked which is a much healthier and lower calories option!


Croissant with hotdog

Love at first sight.
The bread seems like it glows due to the butter layer on it.
Every bite, the cheese explodes in your mouth.